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Insane!ASFJerome - Part 1
Everyone Gathered, except for but one Of they're allies. It was a base, big in general, but only at least 20 in this same room.
Rising to the platform, tall enough for everyone to see him, Jason was standing on.
"Hello everyone, uh.. you know what had happened when we all went on a mission to spy on the squids, right..? if not.. ill explain.. Well, we all were out in the woods, heading our way to the ocean to spy for a bit on the squids, and see what they were up to since recently the squids had informed everyone about they're new weaponry.. It seemed to UN expected.. Sky and Deadlox of course were ahead of the pack, but, Sky stopped for about a full minute and didn't move.. everyone even thought something was wrong.. and.. what we experienced.. Sky turned around and he had his Sword out, he... started to attack Deadlox.. H-he ripped deadlox apart! w-we couldn't save him..that's why we all ran.. ran back here.." Jason Croaked, he obviously wasn't finished, he was fight
:iconask-insane-asfjerome:Ask-Insane-ASFJerome 19 15
tht moment
when you listen to an old song around 2009 and its pure bliss because its not the shit you listen to today~
:iconask-insane-asfjerome:Ask-Insane-ASFJerome 1 1
Banished - A Teaser :icongingerluke2102:GingerLuke2102 8 0 OHMERGHERD CUTE SLURRRMS :iconrawrforcaek:RAWRforcaek 19 6
Mature content
Insane!ASFJerome - Part 4 :iconask-insane-asfjerome:Ask-Insane-ASFJerome 13 26
Insane!ASFJerome - Part 3
Jerome went ahead and headed for therapy. Jason just walked out of that room, slowly but concentrated. Then Jerome went ahead and walked in.
about like i dunno 4 hours later
Jerome walked out, he felt tired now. He yawned and walked to the kitchen and made himself a banana on crack and nommed it.
Mitch walked in "Hey buddy. so how was therapy?"
"Fine. wasnt great. didnt help. im telling you it was just a dream."
"Well okay, hey jasons been getting better, so hes going to hold a meeting in a few minutes"
"oh. is he going to be finally sending people out to find kuledude and sky?" He said looking a little bit unimpressed.
"I Think so-" Mitch was interrupted when Jason rose to the stand and called for everyone to come gather.
"Hello everyone, i have seemed to recover alot more now.. and i will now say everyone should go out to search for kuledude, and the traitor sky. Sky must be brought to an end. we cannot afford anymore loss." Jason said strongly not a tear but
:iconask-insane-asfjerome:Ask-Insane-ASFJerome 11 9
Insane!ASFJerome - Part 2
A couple Hours later, since Sky had gone Out of control, They had one or two people stay up all night to keep watch, which were Husky and Seto since they both had an advantage against Sky with theyre powers and such.
Jerome was sleeping, moving around wildly in his sleep.
~Jeromes Dream~
Jerome looked around, this place was dark black, and purple. He didnt like it as much because it sent him chills and made his chest hurt. He slowly took a couple steps walking on into the depths of the dream. The further he got, the darker it got.
He went to go turn around, until suddenly there was someone behind him to stop him from just doing that.
It looked like himself except more of a ghostly figure, it looked like him except it had all pointed teeth and was smiling looking down at Jerome while floating.
The mirror reflection laughed and Jerome flinched and ran more into the dark, after all it was the only place to run.
As it was getting darker and hard to see, Jerome felt.. Strange, odd..
It f
:iconask-insane-asfjerome:Ask-Insane-ASFJerome 14 61
The Yogscast meet The Creatures WIP
It was a avrage day in Yogscast tekkit
Sips and Sjin where geting the dirt they need for edible dirt as Lewis.Simon,and Duncan where continuing building the jaffa factory.
`Hey Duncan we need a Creatuim generator for this`said Lewis as he looked at the book that tells you how to build something.
Before Duncan could say something Simon ran in with somebody`Lewis Duncan I found somebody`
Duncan looked at the person next too Simon.
The man wore a black shirt with a N7 on it,jeans,and wore a red baseball cap and said`A spaceman and a scientis What the brown?`
  `Whats your name?`said Duncan a bit conserned about the stranger.
The man laughed and said`Kootra the one and only`
Meanwhile where Zoey was at she was gathering mushrooms but some kept dissapearing.
`Where are all the mushrooms going to?`she asked herself as she gathered more.
Then she heard a meow of a cat behind her and when she turned around she saw a small b
:iconangryemo:AngryEmo 8 5
thanks :iconaskben-drowned:AskBEN-Drowned 89 38 question 26 :iconaskben-drowned:AskBEN-Drowned 121 67 2GAG - Break Up :icondrunken-novice:Drunken-Novice 2,354 196 Accept Me :iconwicklesmack:Wicklesmack 295 64 Exam? :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 1,549 145


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